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Make your Advertising and Escort Promotions work for you!!!

Here’s what you get for FREE if you are an agency/independent:

PLEASE NOTE: In return for your FREE agency/independent escort listing all we ask is that you post one of our (See our banners here) on your home page and on your links page, no FREE agency/independent escort listing will be accepted otherwise.


  • Do not post naked or nude pictures
  • No offensive or racist comments/ posts
  • Do’t write your ad in CAPITAL LETTERS or your ad will not be published.


Here’s what it costs to put your banner on our home page!

  • Permanent Top of Page Sliding (header) Banner – be seen by all visitors everyday!!! This banner (468px x 60px) is on EVERY page of our website, what a better opportunity to be seen numerous potential clients everyday!!!

£200 for FOUR Months!

£60.00 for one Month!

£500.00 for the WHOLE Year!


  • Side Banner – B – (234px x 60px) on EVERY page of our website – £120 for THREE Months! or £50 a month


  • Side Banner – C – (160px x 100px) on EVERY page of our website – £80 a Month!


  • Side Banner – D – (160px x 300px) on EVERY page of our website – £120 a Month!


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